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Architectural Casework, Movable Walls & Mezzanines

It’s often difficult to separate specialty and architectural products from the office furniture and storage systems that surround them. Modular architectural casework solutions are an agile, flexible alternative to fixed construction that provide customized interior environments. They also provide you with the ability to accommodate for the everchanging workplace by allowing for quick adjustments to be made.  At Spacesaver Interiors, we provide a one-stop-shop approach to meeting your floor-to-ceiling interior needs because we want it to be as efficient and easy as possible. When you choose to incorporate architectural casework, movable walls, or mezzanines in your commercial space, you’re maximizing the space you have in a modern and professional way. Office environments aren’t as cut and dry as they used to be, which is why you need the option to adjust the layout when capacity calls for it.

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Can You Hear Me Now?

Certain movable walls offer features that can reduce noise in an office or professional environment, allowing for uninterrupted productivity and performance. The level of noise reduction is rated by STC, which stands for Sound Transmission Class. Below, you’ll find the varying degrees of what can be heard with STC:

25 Normal speech can be understood quite easily and distinctly through the walls.
30 Loud speech can be understood fairly well, while normal speech is heard but not understood.
35 Loud speech is audible but not intelligible.
40 Onset of “privacy.”
42 Loud speech is only audible as a murmur.
45 Loud speech is not audible; 90% of the statistical population is not annoyed.
50 Very loud sounds, such as musical instruments or a stereo, can be faintly heard; 99% of the population is not annoyed. The other 1% is just grumpy.
60+ Superior soundproofing; most sounds are inaudible.

If you’re interested in reading more information about these architectural walls, or you’re looking for further STC Examples, read this article

Architectural Casework & Products in MD, VA & DC

From concept to installation, our certified team has the experience, knowledge, and devotion to ensure the success of every project we undertake. After all, we have been designing and installing modular casework and related products for more than 40 years in the Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC areas. Both commercial and federal workplaces rely on our team to design and implement a wide variety of break rooms, mailrooms, hospital patient rooms, and pharmacies. Universities rely on our expertise to provide them with stunning and durable laboratory casework and custom lockers. Our team is also certified and experienced in installing “tilt up” demountable wall systems and glass store fronts. Our project managers oversee each project to ensure linear progress is being made on time and in line with your desired outcome—to build and beautify your workspace!

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