5 Key Advantages of High-Density Mobile Shelving​

Simply put, high-density mobile shelving allows organizations to store more using less space. Traditional shelving uses a fixed space, which can be problematic if the amount of items to store increases, while your square footage stays the same. Mobile shelving is placed on a track system, allowing you to move and collapse shelving. By mounting storage cabinets or shelving on wheeled carriages that travel on rails, wasted space created by fixed aisles is eliminated, freeing up valuable floor space for other, more productive uses.

1) Increase Valuable Floor Space

Traditional shelving requires a fixed aisle between each row of shelving. A key advantage of high-density mobile shelving is that it addresses one of the biggest weak points of shelving: the aisles. Mobile shelving eliminates the underutilized space in the aisles, which is typically twice as wide as the actual shelves. This innovative solution is useful for locations with limited floor space and many files or objects to store. Another advantage – mobile shelving is versatile, offering height, width, and other configuration options to meet the needs of the space.

2) Double Your Storage Capacity

High-density mobile shelving can increase storage space by about 50% to 100% compared to conventional filing and shelving systems – essentially doubling storage capacity of your existing floor space. Mobile shelving also has three times the storage capacity of conventional filing and shelving in the same amount of floor space. It’s simply the best solution for maximizing your available storage space.

3) Improve Organization and Convenience

The versatility of high-density mobile shelving means you can finally organize your items – some systems like Spacesaver, make it possible to mount virtually any type of storage housing on its mobile carriages, including your existing shelving and cabinets. This is beneficial for organizations that regularly stores or stocks inventory, products, files, or tools – from hospitals and museums  to athletic departments and commercial warehouses.

An added aesthetic bonus – when the shelving unit is collapsed, the face panels can be customized with a variety of colors and finishes to match your brand or your surrounding space.

4) Avoid the headaches and capital expenditure costs of adding offsite storage facilities  

When no more storage space is available, many organizations are faced with the decision to add offsite storage facilities to accommodate their storage needs. This option not only has the potential of being significantly more expensive but introduces new logistics to consider: security, additional staff, if facility is temperature controlled, and so on. Before adding more storage space (and cost), consider how much space can be added by changing how you store your items.

5) Reduce Workplace Safety Hazards

If you’re running low on storage space, it’s likely that items can become disorganized and overcrowded. This could lead to safety hazards for your employees attempting to access or locate an item. Mobile shelving units also offer system control options for the use, entry, and operation to ensure employees’ safety. With powered and mechanical assist systems available, employees can safely operate the moving units.

Offering many advantages to a variety of industries, high-density mobile shelving is the most cost-effective and space-efficient storage solution available.

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