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Space Saving Solutions

Spacesaver Interiors offers comprehensive, highly functional and creative commercial storage and interior solutions for modern and evolving spaces.

Featured Solutions

Touchless lockers

Creating a safe space for employees, students and patrons to call their own

Touchless lockers help create a safe space for your employees, students and patrons by minimizing the touch of shared surfaces. With touchless lockers, an employee or student can present their badge, RFID card or ID, near the RFID reader. The system will detect their credentials and automatically pop-open the locker door for the user’s temporary use for the day. The user puts in their belongings and closes the door with the nudge of an elbow. Making the entire experience practically touchless.

Download our new brochure

Download this 4-page brochure to learn more about how to create a touchless experience for your employees and guests when needing to temporarily store their personal belongings.

Help create a safe space for patrons with screens, dividers and panels

Creating a safe space for students and patrons is more important than ever right now which is why we have expanded our product line to provide you a variety of screens, dividers and panels. These can help create a division of space while people are waiting in line to adding partitions to desking and tables. Learn more about our offering on our screens, dividers and panels page or download this brochure.

download our new brochure

Get Inspired with New Seating Configurations

This 8-page thought-starter brochure will take you through some pre-COVID and post-COVID desking configurations. We share some ideas with you on how to de-densify your desking and create safe environment for your employees.

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We are a full-service commercial dealer representing a wide range of quality shelving, casework and furniture manufacturers who share our commitment to sustainability, quality and outstanding customer service.

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